Warriors – Drawing with my kids


My 5yo son had an idea to draw some warriors. He described them to me, that they would take up to 4 pages to make. He wanted me to draw one first.


So I looked at his small warrior drawing (that he had just drawn) and used elements that he used.


I drew the one to the far right. Then I asked him if he wanted me to do a very light outline for him and he said yes. So he drew the guy with one diamond on his chest, using elements from what I drew.

Then he wanted me to draw a couple more, so I did. He spent a long time on each guy. Working on a board on the floor (we have an ikea table top that we use for drawing/lego since we have carpet.) My 7yo daughter also made a warrior, using elements from the others. I like how she added paper for the hair.


And we made a dragon. Looking at him now, I see that he looks a little French. Le Dragon.

I love co-drawing with my kids. There’s this wonderful back and forth inspiration. Many of my sculptures are inspired by art my son did that were inspired by art I did, and so on.

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Clay Sketches – April 2014

sketches - vanessa skiles I have been doing clay “sketches”. They are quick, about an hour or less for each. And now I am going to make one or two larger ones. Which one do you like?

I started with plants. Then creatures. And the creatures, as usual, are more fun to make by far. But the plants gave me ideas for the creatures. plants vanessa skiles   plants vanessa skiles

The Orbs


I like the orb idea. But they are very hard to photograph. I think the Vines do a better job of showing them off. I think next time I will make one of the holes a bit bigger, big enough for a lens. We shall see.


I also think they are to floral. I am going to go less floral next time. Bigger arches, more strange shapes, a lot of empty space.


And a matte glaze on the inside. It will make it softer, and show less little flecks of clay.